Mutual Fund Securities Lending Data — Preliminary

MaxDatabook has extended its data warehouse to include securities lending.  Some preliminary findings.

According to SEC filings, the average assets lent by mutual funds in 2019 was roughly $220 billion.   The top lender, in terms of securities lent, is iShares (Blackrock) at $46 billion. The top fund family, in securities lending income returned to shareholders was Vanguard, which returned $857 million.  In total, the mutual fund industry returned $2.5 billion to shareholders. 

The fund with the highest lending income was the Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund at $230 million.  The next four funds are also Vanguard. At the fifth position, the iShares Russell 2000 ETF saw $62 million. DFA was after that, with the Emerging Markets Core Equity at $53 million.

Looking at the borrower end, the top firm is JP Morgan, with $25 billion borrowed, or 18%.  The top 10 firms handle 85% of lending.

More to follow.

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