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Max Rottersman


If I haven’t programmed in a language for a few weeks I probably couldn’t code “Hello World” on a test.  My opinion of tech is it all “stinks” (you know what word I’m thinking).  Most of my work has involved messy data, customized reports and fixing things.  I understand business; I understand Ezra Pound. There, no need for 99 out of 100 potential clients to interview me.

Key Qualifications

  • 15+ Years of Programming and Data Analysis
  • Experienced in most web, database, and document management systems

 Key Skills

  • Microsoft: C#, .NET, Azure, T-SQL, Power BI, VBA (Access/Excel/PowerPoint/Word)
  • Python, XML, XBRL, JavaScript (esp. charting and tables) and CSS
  • Data mining, ETL, advanced charts and tables (financial and statistical reporting)
  • Adobe suite: Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, etc.

Professional Experience

International Crankshaft, Lexington, Kentucky – 11/2020 to 07/2022


Use Power BI, VBA and Excel to create dashboard of accounting, production and inspection metrics from factory SQL servers and Great Plains system.

Create various custom PDF data extraction solutions for vendor document processing.

Management Practice, Inc, Stamford, CT – 01/2012 to 11/2020

Director of Data

Develop and maintain SQL Server database and Excel reports.

  • Process XBRL and XML files from SEC using C# and Python
  • Imports various CSV, XLS or PDF tables from clients into databases
  • Developed and maintained custom charts and tables reporting system. (Last count, 5,000 lines of code)

Maxdatabook.com, Cambridge, MA – 06/2015 to Present

Software Developer

  • Forensic database analysis for Philadelphia Parking Authority (identified significant amount of unpaid tickets).
  • Business intelligence dashboard for America’s Test Kitchen, pulling data from various vendor accounting systems.
  • Created JS and VBA routines to pull out textbook content from PDFs or Word XML docs
  • Python scripts to generate new on-line HTML/XML content

ReportsAutomation.com, New York, NY – 01/1999 to 01/2015

Software Developer and Data Analyst

  • Automating financial reports in ASP.NET and Crystal Reports.
  • Created various ODBC and data import utilities.
  • Clients included: Oppenheimer, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, Putnam and Legg Mason.

Foreside Inc, Portland, ME – 01/2008 to 12/2010

Built ETF Authorized Participant trading platform and FINRA advertising review system in .NET

PresenText – 01/1993 to 01/1999


Created software/solution to provide EDGAR data and full-text search, using the dtSearch library.  Worked on search projects for IBM and MIT Lincoln Labs,

Strategic Insight, Inc., New York, NY – 09/1991 to 01/1993


  • Developed software in Rbase and FoxPro.
  • Creator of Evaluator, which ran hypothetical fees based on different pricing structures for mutual funds.


B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Denver.


Former Treasurer of the Cambridge Hackspace, a 501(c) nonprofit.  Former CCO at Guinness-Atkinson Funds.